Monday, 20 February 2012

The Ascent of Exit Man

Here's a new one for you ... The Ascent of Exit Man. Click to enlarge:

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Richard Horne Norwich Playhouse prints

Here are a couple of screen prints by Richard Horne for the playhouse show, Hang in Space and Animals of Space. Click to enlarge.

Hang in Space
This print features the major planetary bodies of our solar system which consists of: 1 x Sun*, 4 x Inner planets*, 4 x Outer planets*, 3 x Dwarf planets**, 173 x moons**

* - Relatively sized / ** - Subject to Change
Animals of Space
This screen print depicts animals that have actually been sent into space since 1947: from Laika the dog, Albert II the monkey to rats and even koi carp & moon jellyfish. The print features accurate information about the creatures including: Latin Name, Pet Name/Species, Date of flight, Country launched from, Rocket type.

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